The third sector and those it aims to help are the immediate and most obvious casualties of a cashless society
'These cuts could see millions of people who rely on cash in their daily lives struggling'
But every now and then being cashless doesn't feel convenient at all. When I encounter buskers on the Underground, charity collectors in the street, even beggars I have a moment of thinking how annoying it is not to have a few coins, at least.
The future of finance is one interlaced with improving tech
Do you bank online? If so, you’re among the 60% of UK adults who do. When internet banking was first introduced by Nationwide
For most people the real issue is having to take out their Oyster various times a day instead of just pressing their wallet or purse against the reader. A trivial complaint? Perhaps, but with about 19 million Oyster journeys a day, that adds up to a lot of needless frustration. So why haven't TfL come up with a solution?
Such is the power of Apple that, within 48 hours of not launching it, Google News already cited over 12 million returns for the term "iWatch." The product, of course, is simply Apple Watch (35 million returns on Google News).
Contactless payment cards aren't the only new payment tool that's changing the payments landscape. Mobile payment and wallet solutions are set to transform how consumers manage their money and interact with merchants. For businesses, while this can seem like a daunting transformation, this transition can offer a wealth of new insight and contact points between the organisation and the customer.