Contaminated Blood Scandal

One man reveals how a misdiagnosis he received as a boy means he is now "living a death sentence", as the contaminated blood inquiry reopens.
Security measures are much tougher than at a similar public inquiry where the majority of participants are white.
Paul David Le Bourn contracted hepatitis C through blood transfusions after having his leg amputated.
As the eyes of the world focus on the Infected Blood Inquiry this week, so many traumatised victims have been unable to live their lives without proper closure – they must be listened to
Opening statements were heard by the Infected Blood Inquiry on Tuesday.
Department of Health and Social Care says fund will increase from £46 million to £75 million.
The plug was pulled on support payments, leaving grieving widow Su Gorman penniless.
One of the most horrifying aspects of the entire scandal is that it has remained an almost hidden issue and the general public don’t realise the full scale of injustice
This is a story of medical negligence, government cover-ups and big pharma greed on the scale of the thalidomide scandal, yet many have never heard of it. How? Why?
With Brexit sucking up a lot of the attention in the room, we hope this series can help shine a light on stories we think should be getting more attention
“Hundreds will die before this inquiry ends, hundreds of people will go to their graves with no sense of justice.” The contaminated blood scandal is the biggest disaster in NHS history, in which thousands of Brits were infected with HIV, hepatitis C and other deadly blood borne diseases. HuffPost spoke with the victims as the long awaited inquiry opened.
We still think of AIDS as being a sexually transmitted disease, but approximately 1,000 haemophilia patients in the UK who were infected with HIV have died since the 1980s
It is investigating how thousands became infected with HIV and hepatitis C from NHS blood.
Their lives were forever changed by killer viruses in contaminated blood.
Our lives could have been so much easier, our grief so much less harrowing, had those who were – and are – responsible not spent decade after decade trying to cover up what they did and didn’t do
'Mum was trying to fight for answers for her kids, now I'm doing that for her'.
Widow wants infected blood inquiry to bring closure after years of struggle and grief.
Government must test 'every single person' in UK for hepatitis C, victim of scandal urges
About Contaminated Blood Scandal
The contaminated blood scandal is a health disaster in which thousands of people in the UK were infected with HIV and hepatitis C (hep C) viruses through treatment with contaminated blood or blood products. The deadly treatments were used by the NHS in the 1970s and 1980s and as many as 3,000 people have since lost their lives. Many of those infected were haemophiliacs. The disaster is now the subject of a public inquiry in the UK.