I had applied to a post on Craigslist to be a stenographer 'at a law firm', instead I got to see the world and a President I admired up close
Craig, you made my day. Actually Craig, scrap that. You made my week. You reminded me that regardless of the dire political and economic states of my two residences (London and North Carolina), there are still some incredible people out there. You may not have written an acclaimed novel on the collapse of the Soviet Union or performed Chopin blindfolded but you made me and my mum smile a lot.
We get it. People are obsessed with Pokémon Go. But it seems we have reached peak Pokémon as people are now arranging daycare
A teenager from Bromley ended up getting more than she bargained for when applying for babysitting jobs on Craigslist. Responding
A heavily pregnant woman was stabbed in the stomach by another woman who took her unborn child from her body. Dynel Catrece
Meanwhile, somewhere in the Boston area, one dad isn't happy. Yes, we think this listing he placed on Craigslist will strike
It can be tough finding “the one”. All those dates wasted to find you don’t share the same enthusiasm for Fugazi/ golf/ macramé
Her story came out of the blue. A seemingly unnecessary, unprompted confession to a local newspaper reporter that she had
And he returns it! Well, he is a man of God. Yes, Noah Muroff - a young Rabbi from New Haven, Connecticut - no doubt couldn't