David Cameron will head for India next week, Downing Street has announced. The Prime Minister will lead a delegation of British
Any landlord who thinks a customer should be subjected to a roast potato curry whilst listening to a full Sterophonics album should be frog marched out of the hospitality industry and into a mental institution.
As the one of just six chefs in Europe to have received a Michelin star for his Indian cuisine, the executive chef at top
In five days the entire world will be looking at Great Britain as it welcomes the Olympics. The world's fastest, strongest
People who love a spicy curry could be eating their way to a healthy heart, researchers have discovered. Scientists from
Last January I took a day off from the role I'd been playing in the music industry for almost a decade, visited a local businessman and proceeded to convince him I was the man to launch a new, national food and lifestyle magazine. That man was the founder of the British Curry Club.
Is an Indian curry always hot? Seems like a bit of cliché answering that; though just saying no doesn't quite suffice until you get a glimpse into the mystical heady mix of the Indian subcontinent.
Excessive levels of fat and salt have been found in two of the most popular Indian and Chinese takeaway meals. A survey by
In 2009, many chefs' hats were thrown to the floor in a huff over the origins of the Chicken Tikka Masala.