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Experts are clear that the extreme weather is happening more often and with greater intensity.
Prime minister slated as he suggests the fridge is just too much of a temptation.
Even supportive media – including the Telegraph, Mail and Sun – deride new Covid rules amid Christmas party row.
"Your job is to be a gobs**** for a couple of hours a day."
Denials by the PM, and non-denial denials by Michael Gove, fail to convince.
The Duchess of Sussex said: "We all lose when misinformation sells more than truth".
Not only is a failed deal with the EU likely to leave you with furred arteries and cirrhosis, but your wallet will be lighter for it too.
An article by the Daily Mail said the England footballer and anti-hunger campaigner has "splashed out" on "luxury homes".
The PM had been expected to return to Westminster next week.
In a letter to the Financial Times, Dacre claimed the number of advertisers with the paper had fallen since Greig's appointment.