Damian Collins

This new deal marks a clear break with the past, and real change to our membership of the EU. For the first time it is clear in law that we will never be part of economic and political union. Other countries may advance in that direction if they want to, but they can't take Britain with them, or discriminate against us if we refuse to follow.
The crisis that has now engulfed the IAAF shares many of the characteristics of the crisis at Fifa. Again we see allegations that another group of old men of considerable power and standing within their sport, have exploited the lack of independent governance and scrutiny within their organisation, to make money out of cheating.
The Housing and Planning Bill making its way through parliament has the clear ambition of increasing the supply of homes in our country. However to meet rising demand, and the government's necessarily ambitious housing targets, we are going to have to be even more radical...
Sport has the ability to bring together people of all ages. The Rugby World Cup quarter-finals this weekend will draw huge crowds; to the stadiums, to our pubs and to gatherings in homes and the grassroots clubs that are at the centre of so many of our communities.
Our collective response to the plight of the Yazidis was the right one. If we fail to replicate that standard in Rakhine, our moral authority will be further diminished and it will be our enemies that pedal examples of the West's indifferences towards the Islamic world's suffering who alone will be the beneficiaries.
The five things you need to know on Friday June 5 2015... 1) CHARITY DOESN’T BEGIN AT HOME George Osborne was the axeman
The battle to lead Parliament's powerful select committees just got serious after a Conservative MP released a promotional
We are now in the death throes of Sepp Blatter's ailing and failing Fifa regime. No dictatorship willingly gives up its power, but the only question that really remains is how and when it will finally fall.... It is the members of the Fifa Congress, the football associations who represent every playing nation on the planet, who have the power to bring down the Blatter regime, and pressure from the sponsors makes such a revolution more likely. This crisis will eventually bring down Sepp Blatter, and if it continues much longer could wreck Fifa forever.
Allegations have been made of millions of dollars of improper payments to Fifa officials who were involved in the process of voting for the winning bids. We are no closer today to knowing whether or not these allegations are true or false. Fifa has investigated itself and not surprisingly found itself to be not guilty.
The challenge following the European elections is about more than structural reforms and economic confidence, important though they are. It is also a challenge about the kind of society we want to build for our children...