Damian Green

Moderate Conservatives say opting out of the ECHR over Rwanda would be a "red line" for them.
Damian Green has been accused of "normalising" the problem affecting the UK's rivers.
Clive Lewis sparked a backlash from members on the BBC Politics Live panel.
Tory MP joins backlash, saying Margaret Thatcher would oppose "very unconservative" sell-off.
The ex-prime minister ridiculed Boris Johnson’s claims to be “levelling up” the north and south of England.
Chair of one-nation Conservatives caucus says "a weaker BBC would mean a weaker British culture".
Damian Green comes away reassured. But is there more to the PM's promise than meets the eye?
One Nation caucus, which includes cabinet ministers Amber Rudd and Nicky Morgan, say sacking of rebels was “wrong in principle and bad practical politics”.
The five things you need to know about politics today
"It's ending," Damian Green, her former deputy, said.