Summer is on the way, and assistant pub manager Nathan Swift is definitely happy about it. The James Figg pub in Thame posted
I could hardly say no to this Zumba class given that my bestie (and fabulous Pole Dancing partner) S was teaching it ... If I had said no, chances are she would have dragged me there kicking and screaming regardless of whether or not I happened to be wearing kitty pyjamas at the time.
James Corden and Jenna Dewan Tatum faced the "harshest" and "toughest" group of choreographers for their latest dance segment
A young boy and a professional dancer put on a show-stopping performance with their impressive tap routine. Justin M. Lewis
If this doesn't get all you single ladies (geddit?) into the Christmas spirit, nothing will! Comedy writer and musician Andrea
The news is full of horror at the moment, so we thought it'd be nice to take a step back and remember some of the happiness
I love dance because its great fun, keeps you fit and boosts your confidence. I love it when people tell me how much they are inspired by seeing dance programmes on TV, and in fact new research shows that around half of those watching TV programmes like Strictly Come Dancing get so wrapped-up in the rhythm that they can't help but dance along in their living rooms.
The behemoths of weekend TV entertainment suddenly have more in common than their bitter rivalry to win the ratings war. In
I take another glance at the unwarranted queue at the bar and breathe a heavy sigh at the thought of queuing twenty minutes for a bog standard lager served in a plastic cup. And then, it happens. I reach into my pocket and remove the packet of fruit flavoured ant-acid tablets.
Long airport waits can challenge even the most zen mum. So props to Kate Hudson for turning it into something fun. While