dangerous dogs

The 10-year-old was attacked at a holiday park in Cornwall.
Committee brands current laws 'cruel, illogical and unnecessary'.
Peta are apparently concerned that these dogs are ‘abused, neglected and tortured’ and they ‘don’t want these breeds being born into a world that treats them so badly.’ Does that not say more about humans than it does dogs?
A young girl has suffered life-threatening injuries after being bitten by a dog in a children’s playground. A man and a teenager
The victim was out walking his own dog when the attack occurred
A 52-year-old man has died in Huddersfield after being attacked by a dog which police had returned to its owner, despite
Hundreds of dogs are being euthanised, despite being suitable for rehoming, just because of the way they look, latest figures
The dog had been 'angry' for several hours.