Danny Boyle

Thousands flocked to London's Olympic Park on Friday for the spectacular opening ceremony heralding the start of the 2012
Olympic flame burning in the cauldron on the royal barge Gloriana Record rainstorms meant the torch was not always kept burning
Layla Anna-Lee, the host of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee party in Trafalgar Square, has revealed she is the announcer at London
When Lord Sebastian Coe placed his bid for the 2012 summer Olympics to be held in London, he pledged that the bid would include a legacy which would make about two million people in the country take up sports and other physical activities thanks to the infrastructure hosting the games would bring.
NHS nurses are expected to take part in the opening ceremony on Friday night Footballer David Beckham, who was a key figure
Rehearsal footage of the Olympic opening ceremony was removed from YouTube on Wednesday as organisers stepped up efforts
Like it or not, there is always an underlying competitiveness lurking in there smuggled in amongst the bonhomie and international solidarity. It is like the Eurovision song contest with the same potential for bitchery, but without the voting.
The first time London hosted an Olympic opening ceremony – in 1908 – organisers probably had an easier job keeping the details
Fast forward to July 2012 and with only eight days to go until Show Day I am at a stage where I am frantically trying not to mess up my steps, stay in the moment and not get physically violent with fellow performers who fail to understand the basic concept of a crocodile line.
Director Danny Boyle is rushing to rework his Olympics Games opening ceremony after it was cut by 30 minutes amid security