Dave Penman

"Her entire world view is based on political conspiracies and imagined enemies."
"To insult public servants in this way is contemptible," Dave Penman from the FDA union said.
They accuse the Tory leadership hopefuls of using them as a "scapegoat" in their culture war.
A civil servant told HuffPost UK: "Every single day I consider leaving the civil service because of these people.”
Slipping standards in public life contributed to Boris Johnson's downfall.
Unions are threatening industrial action over plans to slash civil service jobs by 91,000.
A letter from outgoing Cabinet secretary Mark Sedwill indicates that the PM had asked to be personally involved in a back-to-work drive.
The civil service is far from perfect, but neither is it the dysfunctional “blob” that some have suggested, writes Dave Penman.
Boris Johnson and Dominic Cummings have been warned against the "politicisation of the civil service".