David Bowie

Including that time Duffy beat Adele in not one but two categories.
From Ziggy Stardust to the Thin White Duke, we remember the music icon – and chameleon – five years after his death
We're looking back at the legendary musician's incredible life – five years after his death.
Not everyone is so eager to welcome the gesture from the Queen.
Not everyone is so eager to welcome the gesture from the Queen.
Some of Global’s most recognisable faces have been transformed into their musical icons, to help drum up support for the
life less ordinary banner The first time I actually saw David, he's walking down Beckenham High Street in a dress, and he's with this girl who had these skinny black pants on. I met the girl - Mrs Jones brought her into the salon. It turned out it was Angie, David's wife. Well, I liked her immediately. She was so cool and confident, and she looked so great - she certainly didn't shop in Beckenham. She talked to me a little bit about her life. She did lights for David's shows, and they would hang out all night in London at the clubs and just have the best time. It all sounded so glamorous.
PA/S&G AND BARRATTS Howard Gayle. Liverpool FC’s first black player turned down an MBE this year saying that his “ancestors
The iconic singer has been given the blue plaque treatment.
A new blue plaque has been unveiled in London, in honour of legendary singer-songwriter David Bowie. The music world was
The relative merits of Ed Sheeran's music is immaterial to his decision to join an anti-racist movement. But the irony of endorsing Eric Clapton, a musician bestowed the title 'God' by his fans, whilst not making reference to his racist expressions that gave rise to Rock Against Racism is bewildering.
There have been more than a few good ones.
Ah, the diss track. It’s not uncommon for artists to use music to slam at their frenemies, exes or rivals, but writing a
On 24 April 1992, one of the world’s most distinctive pop superstars married one of the world’s most distinctive supermodels