David Burrowes

At Easter Christians will be remembering how Jesus Christ showed the ultimate service and hope of eternal life through his death and resurrection. Let us resolve to show some of that service by giving some of our most vulnerable a new life, and a hope for the future.
Theresa May is facing a potential backbench revolt over housing benefit cuts after one Tory branded the changes as “catastrophic
The current sex ed guidelines have not been updated for 17 years.
Thousands of teenagers in schools across the country could be set to receive compulsory sex and relationships education after
Leaving the EU does not mean leaving our historic and international obligations to refugees. In fact I believe outside of the EU we can continue to take the lead in our compassionate response to refugees and provide more support in cooperation with our European and International partners. I look forward on Thursday to voting to Leave the EU for more control and more compassion for refugees.
For the first time in my life, I am a floating voter. I have four months in which to make up my mind. At this stage, I am genuinely undecided which way I will vote in the referendum on Britain's relationship with the European Union. My position right now is that I will listen very carefully to both sides, and make my decision when I have to - on 23 June.
There may well be more choice for big retailers to open for longer, but at what cost? My local independent retailers on the high streets do not want any change and fear that extending hours for the big retailers will be a threat and will diminish the different character of Sundays. It's not too late for the Government to think again and listen to the public, the high streets businesses, workers and its own family test.
Conservative David Burrowes accused David Lammy of "playing the race card", after the Labour MP compared the fight for gay