David Furnish

The singer was among the winners at this year's ceremony for his work with the Elton John AIDS Foundation.
Here's how Elton John's husband, David Furnish, helped to turn this Bennie and the Jets fantasia into one of the biopic's best moments.
The story claimed the child was left with 'Freddy Krueger-like' injuries.
Germaine Greer has reportedly accused singer Sir Elton John and his husband David Furnish of “deconstructing the concept
The pair have since released a statement backtracking on their remarks. "We firmly believe in democracy and the fundamental
Elton and David’s two children, Zachary and Elijah, were both born to the same surrogate mother. Designers Domenico and Stefano
The couple announced their wedding plans back in April, with David saying at the time: "Since we’re committed for life, we
If Edwin Brock had been thirty years younger than me rather than thirty years older than me, would I have advised him to earn his crust by writing advertising copy at the behest of people like me? The heck I would.
Sir Elton John is to marry his long-time partner David Furnish this May, it has been announced. The couple have been in a
David Furnish has told how he and partner Sir Elton John have found parenthood much easier the second time around. The couple