David Miliband

London is awash with them. What kind of Britain is emerging? Definitely unequal. Labour wiil give it their all, but the Tories seem unassailable.
A Tory minister has confessed to throwing away a life size cutout of David Miliband saying: “Bananas”. Back in his heyday
The Labour leader has continued to insist he will not resign.
Labour is in its weakest state for 50 years, David Miliband has warned following the party’s humiliating defeat in the Copeland
'It doesn’t add up. It wouldn’t work. People are not stupid.'
David Miliband has claimed the Labour Party has not been further from power since the 1930s as part of a stinging attack
Owen Smith has same chance of being next leader as David Miliband.
Jeremy Corbyn is likely to be Labour leader for at least four more years, according to bookies William Hill who have branded
'Designed for yesterday's problems not tomorrow's.'