The demise of Sir Philip Green's retail empire could also have a knock-on effect for Debenhams.
Jobs in stores and warehouses are set to be cut, the high street chain said.
They follow Debenhams and BrightHouse in appointing administrators as the UK high street continues to be hit by coronavirus lockdown.
The majority of its employees in the UK are already being paid under the government’s furlough scheme.
As many as 1,200 people could lose their jobs.
From the carpark to the lingerie department, HuffPost readers and writers share what it means to them.
The fall of the retail giant is another sign that the remnants of the traditional British high street are in a grim place if they’re not able, or willing, to get with the programme – pronto.
"These politicians and regulators have proven to be as effective as a chocolate teapot."
The news follows a poor financial performance from the British retailer.