The culls are supposed to reduce the spread of TB in cattle.
Committee brands current laws 'cruel, illogical and unnecessary'.
MP says government is 'waging war' on public transport users.
'The fight to clear up our plastic waste should be led from the top'.
It's with an unpleasant sense of déjà vu that I write this, but for the fifth year running the time has come round again when the Government allows the killing of thousands of badgers, despite the fact that they're supposedly a protected species.
If Theresa May really wanted to tackle the "burning injustices" in society, sorting out the food epidemic in Britain from soil to plate should have been a priority. Instead, we are left with a Prime Minister who was able to identify and commentate on a social truth, but when given the opportunity to put things right, presented the public with a manifesto that perpetuated injustice, punished the poor and ignored the modern scourge of malnutrition now becoming the norm in 21st Century Britain.
Just 9,000 diesel cars out of two million could be eligible for scrappage under new scheme.