Democratic Unionist Party

The Northern Irish party's 10 votes give the prime minister a much better chance of passing his legislative agenda on Thursday.
Confidence and supply deal with the Tories will be torn up if the Northern Irish party refuses to back the government's legislative agenda.
Brexit spokesperson Sammy Wilson accuses prime minister of thinking DUP MPs "can't read" the deal and work out its impact on Northern Ireland.
Jim Shannon shoots down hopes party would back amendment to Boris Johnson's Brexit deal.
Boris Johnson has been forced to ask the EU for a delay. His deal can still be passed, but the clock is ticking and there are road bumps along the way.
DUP MPs and Sylvia Hermon rage at PM over regulatory border in Irish Sea as loyalist groups condemn Johnson "betrayal".
Final hour meeting of ERG decided no MP will "vote against" the PM - meaning a small number may hold out.
From the DUP and Tory Brexit "Spartans" to Labour Leave backers and sacked Tory rebels, the prime minister has a lot of work to do.
Win or lose on Saturday, the PM may be seen as a man who 'gets things done'.
About Democratic Unionist Party
Who are the DUP? What are their policies? Questions are being asked of the Democratic Unionist Part after entering into a 'confidence and supply' arrangement with Theresa May and the Conservative Party in order to help their minority government pass legislation after the UK general election in 2017. Their leader Arlene Foster has vowed to 'bring stability to our country' by supporting the Tories.