Democratic Unionist Party

Sinn Fein is now the largest party in Northern Ireland for the first time in Stormont's history.
Sinn Fein's position as the largest party means a poll on the reunification of Ireland is now far more likely.
What you need to know as polls suggest Sinn Fein is close to a milestone in its quest for a united Ireland.
“It is absurd that the prime minister of our United Kingdom has to be reminded to get on a plane to Belfast in this situation," Labour's Peter Kyle said.
Anger had been mounting over her handling of Brexit and the DUP's decision to abstain in a vote on gay conversion therapy.
Gregory Campbell said he has nothing to apologise over after commenting on the number of Black people in a gospel music segment.
Both Sinn Fein and the DUP have now agreed to the deal to restore power-sharing at Stormont.
Bust-ups, wood pellets and a slow-burning public service crisis.
The Northern Irish party has appeared in the media just five times during the entire election campaign, analysis shows.
The DUP will continue to block the PM's Brexit deal, Foster told the party's conference.
About Democratic Unionist Party
Who are the DUP? What are their policies? Questions are being asked of the Democratic Unionist Part after entering into a 'confidence and supply' arrangement with Theresa May and the Conservative Party in order to help their minority government pass legislation after the UK general election in 2017. Their leader Arlene Foster has vowed to 'bring stability to our country' by supporting the Tories.