Department for International Development

Letter from Dominic Raab reveals outgoing civil servant Mark Sedwill will oversee merger of Foreign Office and DfID, despite leaving Whitehall in September.
In the middle of a national crisis, the prime minister has chosen to spend time fixing a problem which does not exist, Laurie Lee writes.
The prime minister has revealed he will merge DfID with the Foreign Office, a move branded "scarcely believable" by Oxfam.
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PM urged to 'step up' and help 'heroic rescue workers' after US froze $200 million aid.
Today, DFID is launching support for small organisations around the world promoting Jo's values
Former development secretary warns Oxfam case 'tip of the iceberg'.
The UK government could help save millions of lives across the world if it commits to a UN health strategy, MPs say. The
A “new era of co-operation and partnership” - the words of the Prime Minister about the future of Britain’s foreign relations