Department of Health and Social Care

Minister Julia Lopez vows to look into Labour claims that the government "appears to have outsourced itself".
Former Vote Leave boss urged parliament to take “urgent, very, very hard look into what went wrong" during Covid crisis.
Exclusive: The Department of Health and Social Care said releasing the information would "exceed the appropriate cost limit" of £600.
Withering report by Commons Public Accounts Committee slams ministers for treating taxpayers ‘like cash machines’
The offer would reportedly amount to an extra £3.50 a week for an experienced nurse who has spent a year battling Covid.
Exclusive: Labour and Tory MPs call on government to come clean over confidential "business case" for £22bn service.
People isolating at home after travelling into Britain will be expected to get a test two and eight days into the 10-day period.
The information blackout has reignited anger over the government’s handling of supplies for the NHS.
The Department of Health and Social Care blamed a laboratory error.
More than 500 Covid-19 deaths were reported on Tuesday, the highest total since May.