A child is among five Britons diagnosed with coronavirus while staying at a ski resort in France.
But leader Carrie Lam refused to give in to calls from striking medical workers to close the border completely.
Hundreds of millions of people are expected to travel both domestically and abroad for Lunar New Year, prompting fears the coronavirus could spread quickly.
Sources close to the Labour leader insist he is in better shape than ever, amid rumours of ill health.
No medical topic is off-limits.
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Eating plant-based isn't some sort of panacea that will solve all our ailments, but we need to make the most of our increasing understanding of the link between diet and disease
Our childhood, our gender, our sexual orientation, race, religion, education, illness, relationships, working history, friendship groups, culture, places visited or missed - each of these things creates something unique
It is estimated that over a million people in the UK rely on medical marijuana for pain relief.
We are all one illness, condition or accident away from discovering all about prescription charge exemptions and the inequity present in the current list