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The cover photo-shoot is accompanied by a new interview with Drag Race superfan Jade Thirlwall.
Could Drag Race do more to stamp out the online abuse that's synonymous with the show?
With many music and live theatre venues closed during the pandemic, one San Francisco drag club decided to bring their performers right to their audience's doorstep. Oasis launched its "Meals on Heels" service in August. For a fee, plus tips, drag queens will deliver food and cocktails right to your door, followed by a curbside, socially distant sidewalk lip sync performance for you and your neighbours.
Justin Bond and Nikita Gold of Drag Syndrome reveal the joy and sheer freedom of their flirty drag personas.
Asifa Lahore grew up in a strict Muslim Pakistani family but upon reaching puberty, before transitioning in her 30s, realised that she was gay. This meant the performer had to reconcile her sexuality with her faith and for many years lived a double life that led to a period of depression. Now the performer identifies as trans and after initial struggles with mental health, her family and even entering into an arranged engagement has now found support from her parents. But self identifying as ‘Britain's first out Muslim drag queen’ has meant that Asifa receives death threats in the mail and online from members of the Muslim community.
Drag Syndrome are a collective of LGBTQ+ drag kings and queens with Down’s Syndrome. In a time where conversations about disability and representation in the queer community are being had the group of performers have become icons. In this video Drag Syndrome artists Justin Bond and Nikita Gold talk about being the representation that the queer disabled community needs and also what it’s like to find success and fans in the UK and around the world.
All Stars winners Trixie Mattel and Monét X Change spill the tea about the star-studded spinoff and why the show took them by surprise.
The relationship between drag mother and daughter is a particularly heartwarming example of the so-called “chosen family”.
She's also revealed the iconic British reality star she would have played in the Snatch Game.