“This combines the most extreme intensity with the most extreme length with an incredibly huge area all at the same time,” the climatologist told New Scientist.
In just the last month, the climate has altered significantly all over the globe.
The rain-free conditions exposed over 60 dinosaur tracks on one path, according a Texas state park superintendent.
Record-high temperatures across Europe have exacerbated regional droughts so heavily that dozens of German warships from World War II resurfaced in Serbia.
Pollution warnings in place at more than 40 swimming spots in England and Wales.
Downpours across the country follow weeks of intense heatwaves – but hosepipe bans will still be in place.
Green pastures turned yellow and brown as eight areas moved to “drought” status.
The crazy UK weather continues, with flash floods forecast this week.
A hosepipe ban will kick in for some English regions in the coming days.
Satellite images show sparse snow and bare ground on some peaks of the South American mountain range.