A 911 dispatcher in Fort Smith, Arkansas, spent her last day on the job berating a woman stuck in floodwaters.
Father dies trying to save son, while another body has been found floating in the water near Soetwater.
I was just about to sit down when I saw my son lose balance and fall in the water fully dressed. My husband was right by him so he quickly picked him up and started walking back to the sand. At the same time I looked over to check what my daughter was up to but...
The number of people who died trying to reach Europe by crossing the Mediterranean has reached an all-time high and is becoming comparable to what Médecins Sans Frontières is used to seeing in warzones, with the UN Migration Agency recording at least 5,079 deaths last year.
If the global community is serious about 'getting to zero' on under-five child deaths, it needs to be equally serious about drowning, positioning prevention as a priority; a forgotten, but fundamental, Global Goal enabler.
When I was on board Save the Children's rescue ship, we helped save nearly 400 people in one day, including a one month old baby and a woman who was nine months pregnant and staggered on board helped by three of our rescue team.
Every day, at high tide, the village of Nonua Chora floods. The water rises rapidly; to the knees of the adults, and the necks of the children. The challenge of keeping your head above the water, in every sense of the term, is all too real for the families of Southern Bangladesh.
Learning to swim as young as possible is just one of the elements of building confidence around water, but even long before a child can swim independently on the surface of the water there are things that they can learn to do which will greatly reduce the risk of drowning.
Allison Anderwald has been hailed a 'hero'.
The incredible moment a five-year-old rescued her mum from drowning in the family pool has been caught on camera. Allison