dubs amendment

Every child fleeing war or persecution should have the same opportunities that I have, and the same right to safety.
"Families should be together," says Lord Dubs, who fled the Nazis as a child and led peers' immigration bill revolt.
Exclusive: Twelve councils write to the prime minister ahead of crunch Lords vote on family reunion for lone child refugees after Brexit.
Five children have died at the Calais border in the last two years - they had the legal right to come to the UK – please honour their memory and don’t let there be one more
Every moment that these places are left unfilled puts a child’s life at risk
'I will keep fighting and so many other people will keep fighting to protect those children who need it the most.'
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Camilla Thurlow spoke to Lord Dubs ahead of the High Court ruling on resettling more unaccompanied child refugees in the UK under the Dubs Amendment.
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One year on, still only 200 children were safely transferred to Britain under the Dubs Amendment, originally meant to transfer up to 3,000. What was meant to be part of a proud British tradition of giving sanctuary is now failing miserably.