The blast in west London occurred in the early hours of Wednesday morning. Several people escaped nearby buildings and five were rescued.
Marie Stopes UK has praised the decision as a “a victory for common sense [and] compassion".
Buffer zone prevents them from approaching women seeking treatment.
Councils across the country are looking into what action they can take - we’re hoping that Ealing have set the precedent
A Labour MP wants to force a change in the law to stop protests being staged outside abortion clinics. Rupa Huq is planning
Last Friday I went to Ealing, a London suburb, with a friend, to a very normal residential street to deliver two letters with one of the most basic requests any human being could make: for a son to be allowed to meet his father.
Today, the planning committee at gave approval to a proposal by property developer Jones Lang LaSalle to knock down the entire building. They want to build 39 flats on the site. It's all over for the rich musical story of the Starlite ballroom.
What's the most important music venue or historic location in London? The pedestrian crossing used by the Beatles in Abbey
It's a tragedy that Ealing has no cinema of its own, as this is the neighbourhood of London that has created some of the most treasured British films.
One aspect of the riots in London in August 2011 which made them distinct from previous moments of unrest was how they happened
I started the Ealing Tweetup three years ago as a meeting where a few local neighbours, who all used Twitter, got together to talk about their online experiences - it was initially no more than a single table of people chatting together.
One of seven people being held in an investigation into a suspected terror plot has been released without charge. A 30-year
A shooting in Ealing, London has left one man dead and a woman in critical condition on Wednesday. The man is being reported
For as long as I can remember some people have suggested that the use of computers to communicate with others is anti-social and leads to the decline of in-person socialisation, like having a pint in the pub with friends.
Halfway through The Halfway House was, technically, halfway through my Ealing marathon (47.5 films out of 95) so this blog entry feels suitably celebratory. Six months on from the start of this mad idea, I am keeping to my schedule - approximately two films a week - and still have a stack of known and unknown films ahead of me.
When British Military Intelligence realise William Potts (Will Hay) is the double of German spy Mueller, Potts reluctantly agrees to take on Mueller's identity and position at the German university where inventor Professor Hoffman (Frank Pettingell) is working on a secret new bomb.
Alf Biber ran his barber shop in Tottenham for almost 40 years. His wife died in 2010 but he kept coming to work every day