New studies show that eating a high volume of ultra-processed food can lead to a greater risk of heart attack, stroke and early death. But ultra-processed foods make up almost half of the average UK diet. We look at what foods are considered ultra-processed, why they’re bad for us and what else we should focus on eating.
"You can walk while eating, but you cannot stop."
The ancient practice of mindful eating can enable us to enjoy the food we eat, maintain a healthy weight, and avoid a whole
Any autism parent will know about the food battles. The monotony of the same food EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. Yep, you all know it. The problems it causes when eating out because there is nothing your child will eat and you cannot face the confrontation and succumb to the sensory needs of your child rather than attempting to introduce something new.
It's weird because I said when he was tiny that I'd never be a convenience food mum but Harry's forced my hand somewhat. Learning to be adaptable and going with the flow is a huge part of being parent to a toddler and as anyone in the same position will know, sometimes it's just about picking your battles and whatever gives everyone an easier life.
Eating disorders are potentially life-threatening conditions which affect everyday life, including both mental and physical health. With the way celebrities, models and other people of interest are portrayed in the media, it is not surprising that the number of young people experiencing an eating disorder is increasing. So, let's start with some education.
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Authors own 5. Ramen A staple in Japanese culture, you'll find a ramen restaurant (almost) on every corner. With literally
Here's an exercise routine you can do at home or in your daily routines to help you keep in shape.
The new app allows parents to scan the barcode of their everyday food and drink to see how much sugar, saturated fat and salt they contain in an easy to understand way so the healthy choice can be the easy choice. It also features food detective activities for children and mini missions that the whole family can enjoy, embedding healthy food and drink choices early on in life.