Eddie Izzard

The actor and comic on her new pronouns, why she won’t pick up female dramatic roles and her political aspirations.
“We have to get there this century or I don’t think we’ll make it as a species.”
“I hate the idea we are fighting between ourselves,” the gender-fluid comic says.
"I just want to be based in girl mode from now on," she said.
The As Time Goes By actor "died peacefully at home" on Thursday, his agent said.
Comedian replaces Christine Shawcroft in senior party role.
NEC hopeful wants to encourage more people into politics.
Labour should set up its own independent body to deal with bullying complaints and do more to encourage people into politics
I believe as many people as possible should be part of the work we're doing to transform the country for the better. I want to work to unite and diversify our party, making it more open and in touch with the country, so that we can focus our energies outwards, campaigning against poverty and for our values of equality, fairness, social justice, compassion and for hope.
Comedian wants his fans to join the party and vote for him.