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Our children's social care system faces significant challenges but by building on its strengths we can deliver a system that is well and truly up to the task of caring for the most vulnerable children in our society in a way that any good parent would.
A person who went to school has been put in charge of the country's education policies. The person - who worked as a lawyer
For many the appointment of Morgan will be met with a great sigh of relief. Many education professionals have described their relationship with Michael Gove as the worst of any Education Secretary. If Morgan is to be successful in her role she will have to establish an agenda that is far more progressive than Gove had put forward.
Tony Blair is a 'divisive' figure because so many people think he's 'terrible' Clarke defends Blair's foreign activities
"Michael Gove believes there has been a plot by extremist Muslims to take over schools in Birmingham and is preparing to
It is "wrong" for parents to take children out of school during term time to take advantage of cheaper holidays, education
Teachers work some of the longest hours of any profession with many working 50-60 hours a week. Our work is essential, our pay is not high, our pensions not gold-plated and we cannot be expected to work more hours than we already do. There comes a point when it is impossible to ignore what is happening.
For how long will we say that our educational system is our country's greatest failing? It won't surprise you when I say for as long as our inadequate career politicians are in charge
Education Secretary Michael Gove is to bring back traditional two-year A-levels with end-of-course exams in a major overhaul
Exams motivate children, giving them a sense of satisfaction and happiness, Michael Gove is to say. The Education Secretary