Donald Trump’s campaign committee reportedly gave his businesses $1.3 million in political contributions.
Sinn Fein is now the largest party in Northern Ireland for the first time in Stormont's history.
The former party boss has been left out in the cold by previous leaders.
Conservative WhatsApp groups full of MPs complaining after Chesham and Amersham result, HuffPost UK told.
The country's leader, Aung San Suu Kyi, and other senior politicians were detained in an early morning raid.
When peaceful Black Lives Matter protesters were gassed and sprayed with rubber bullets to clear the way for a President Trump photo opportunity, Continue To Serve was created in response. Since then, the non-profit group of military veterans have mobilised at polling stations, cleaned up after the deadly insurrection of the US Capitol carried out by pro-Trump supporters and supported the Black Live Matter movement.
President Donald Trump is claiming that he has won reelection despite no official confirmation.
People started searching for jobs in Canada shortly after the 10pm exit poll came in.
Despite a historic win for the Conservatives in this year’s election, the night saw a number of wins for equality, including record numbers of female and BAME MPs. There were small victories for LGBT+ MPs too, with gay Labour MP Luke Pollard ousting Ann Widdecombe from her seat, and Labour’s Lloyd Russell becoming the first elected MP to be publicly known to be living with HIV.