Emily Thornberry

Miliband described his fury after Thornberry showed a lack of "decency and respect" when she implied it was odd for people
The "snobby" Labour MP forced to quit as shadow attorney general after provoking a storm of protest when she tweeted a picture
Shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry was "daft" to resign over a tweet and it showed that Ed Miliband was "motivated
After a senior Labour MP was forced to resign from Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet yesterday for posting what she perceived
Tweeting a picture of a terraced house, van in driveway, flags flying, is classist. Flags and vans are not an inherent part of working class culture, or unquestioned and undisputed by the working class. St George's crosses do not naturally bloom from the walls of terraced houses. Thornberry had the same reaction to that house as this council house kid would have.
A senior Labour MP forced to resign from Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet has been labelled a "snob" by the owner of a home she
A senior Labour MP has resigned from Ed Miliband's shadow cabinet after her tweet of a house draped with England flags caused
A senior shadow minister has been accused of showing "utter contempt" for patriotism and the working class by tweeting a
As the former attorney general, Dominic Grieve, has said, this would be an utterly puerile way for the United Kingdom to conduct itself on the international stage... David Cameron and his fellow Tories often like to pay homage to Winston Churchill and the war-time generation, yet in their deeds they seem determined to take an axe to the treaties, the courts and institutions that were their legacy. Any party that believes that trading in not just our fundamental rights but our place in the post-1945 international order just to hoover up a few votes off Ukip in the Clacton by-election is not fit for office.
With all the hullabaloo coming from the Tories about human rights, it's too easy to forget that the 1998 Act recognised rights of the victims of crime long denied under English law. If we were to allow the Chris Grayling and his cronies to tear up the Human Rights Act and withdraw from the European Convention on Human Rights from which it is derived, we would set back the cause of victims' rights by decades.