employment rights

An art teacher who was unfairly sacked after becoming pregnant has been awarded a £33,900 payout, a teaching union has said
A driver sacked by a multimillionaire racehorse owner for feeding a piece of leftover lamb to an ailing Labrador has won
A vicar who claims he was subjected to years of intimidation and bullying in his constituency has launched a constructive
With the loss of their legal aid-funded employment specialists, the great majority of Citizens Advice Bureaux will no longer have the expertise and capacity to conduct such negotiation with employers, and to sift out misguided or evidentially weak claims.
The latest proposal that Whitehall are supposedly considering is the rowing back of rights against unfair dismissal. It's worth having a quick recap of what this is, in order to assess whether it really is holding our economy back.
Workers will have to pay legal fees if they want to sue their employer for unfair dismissal, George Osborne has announced