England and Wales

Lockdown has pushed people "on the borderlines of deprivation" into further hardship, says England's chief medical officer.
Under Government plans, the police in England and Wales would be given increased powers to deal with non-violent protests.
In northern parts of England, Covid-19 deaths have reached levels not seen since May.
Three-quarters of all of hate crimes recorded by police in England and Wales over the last year were race-related.
App launched in England and Wales on Thursday, after months of delay
Large swathes of England and Wales are covered by yellow weather warnings for the entire weekend.
It comes following a series of recent high-profile cases including two Black athletes who were stopped and searched by officers.
Covid-19 deaths in care homes have now overtaken those in hospitals.
The statistics, which include people dying outside of hospitals, showed there were 7,996 deaths more than the five-year average.
The overall number of deaths registered was the highest weekly total since records began in 2005.