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David Cameron has a "duty to publish" an official report that fails to back up the government's case for tightening restrictions
Chuka Umunna's suggestion that a future Labour government could curb the number of EU migrants coming to Britain without
Chuka Umunna has signalled that Labour could restrict free movement within the European Union for workers who do not have
As tensions heighten over the possible "influx" of Bulgarian and Romanians from next month, Bulgaria's president criticised
Police from London have gone to Romania to try to persuade people not to come to Britain without jobs. Officers visited impoverished
More than half of Brits think immigration has a negative effect on the country, and 47% would deny Bulgarians and Romanians
Jack Straw, the former Home Secretary who recently announced he would relinquish his parliamentary seat at the next election
Coalition plans to curb EU immigration could cost the UK economy £60 billion and send national debt soaring, according to
For Romanians living in the UK it is hard to understand why they have became targets in a political and media game they neither want nor need to play. Anti-EU rhetoric and misleading predictions from nearly a decade ago have combined to create a culture of blame which allows misguided stereotypes of 'bad' Romanians to flourish, unchecked.
Net migration to the UK increased last year by more than 20 per cent, official figures show. The Office for National Statistics