Euro 2020

The true stars of the Euro 2020 tournament (Grealish's curtains) were back on the pitch this weekend.
Covid regulations mean the beloved event has been cancelled for the second year in a row.
Covid case data is yet to reflect the July 19 unlocking, warn scientists.
Watching England in the Euros was a painful reminder that Black people still have to perform for acceptance.
Ken McCallum says UK should "own" the problem rather than blame foreign troll farms
The Good Morning Britain stars became emotional while praising England star Marcus Rashford.
"Our team is more bright than a rainbow and sun combined."
England captain Harry Kane also tweeted: "If you abuse anyone on social media you’re not an England fan and we don’t want you."
Mings claimed the home secretary had "stoked the fire" with some of her past comments about the England team.
A scene referencing Italy’s win over England will be inserted into the latest episode of the BBC soap.