European Convention on Human Rights

Jacob Rees-Mogg smeared HuffPost UK over its report on the issue last week – but foreign secretary says again that it is government policy.
Foreign secretary told staff that “restricting” trade because of human rights abuses would mean missing out on “growth markets”.
Our campaigning envisions that a Global Britain doesn’t mean cherry-picking the right to freely trade from the responsibilities of protecting liberty
The Labour leader was being quizzed on his views on Iran.
Theresa May is wrong to say human rights law stands in the way of the fight against terror, experts have told HuffPost UK
Labour frontbencher was director of public prosecutions.
Keir Starmer has dismissed Theresa May’s declaration she may change human rights law in an attempt to combat terrorism in
The advances in LGBTI protections have been hard-won, with the ability to challenge previous governments being instrumental. We must cherish this right, not just as a single equality movement, but for the 820 million of us who live under a convention that provides justice and freedoms for all.
Politicians and sections of the press peddle lies and distortions about the European Convention on Human Rights, the Strasbourg Court and the Human Rights Act. They allege that the system distorts justice, preventing evil people from getting their just deserts. They complain that it hampers governments in tackling terrorism and serious crime. They decry rulings preventing deportation to a country where there is a risk of torture or the death penalty.