FA Cup Final

The SSE Women’s FA Cup Final is almost upon us - Manchester City and first-time Finalists West Ham United will battle it out on 4 May. A record attendance of over 50,000 is being anticipated at Wembley stadium. Here’s what you can expect from one of the most exciting days in women’s football.
Tens of thousands of football fans will be travelling to Wembley on Saturday.
Buckingham Palace has said the Queen and other members of the royal family will join the congregation for the morning service
Labour has pledged to clamp down on ticket touts and force Premier League clubs to invest more in grassroots football. Arsenal
There are no exams to pass, no certificate to receive. The hardest part of becoming a sports commentator is getting the opportunity. You can practice skills at home, but you'll never know if you are any good or not until you actually start speaking into the microphone on-air with the game unfolding live in front of you.
Sport has never been just about playing; it's also about spectating. The start-up of the football season will see many of us yet again travel all over the country (and Europe) in support of our clubs - and we love it. If we didn't have these beautifully constructed arenas designed specifically to accommodate our live viewing experience, sport simply wouldn't be the same...
So, will The FA Cup ever get its Prestige back or is the demise set to continue? Personally I would love to see the Clubs and players get some passion back for it with the help of some chart toppers to join them, Chelsea - I'm totally available for the Cheesy music Video FYI!
Manchester United's Premier League season is (finally) over, and there's only the FA Cup standing between the entire world and finding out whether Louis van Gaal is getting the boot this summer. Jose Mourinho insists he doesn't know. Van Gaal says he's staying, but... well, he would. Ed Woodward is busy trying to figure out how fax machines work, so we're not getting an answer out of him any time soon.