Female Friendship

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While I whole-heartedly appreciate that for some women the necessity of just getting out of the house and meeting someone is crucial, for me enjoying someone's company is just as important.
We women, stopped trying to bring our remarkable female qualities that can only benefit our relationship, our career, our social circles, our community. We think of our unique qualities as something to be ashamed of, given our inner beauty and our female nature held us captives in a male world... only decades ago.
Now, as a proper grown up - whatever that means - I can see that the flurry of youth brings with it deep uncertainty and glorious freedom in equal measure. Good friends are like rocks throughout this process and we cling to them for comfort and security, whilst benefitting from all the fun of new-found adulthood in the safety of warm and familiar company.
I like to think of myself as a pretty easygoing woman. I have great female friends. I get on with many, many women. But, man, there are times when engaging in girl-talk can feel like you've been chucked in a bear pit.
Call me crazy, but isn't feminism about the harmony of the female sex, not just its promotion? The human condition is an idiosyncratic one of different sameness; the movement must accept its diverse members' divergence and doubt, while emphasising their mutuality.
In a world where it’s considered perfectly acceptable to have several hundred ‘friends’ on Facebook, it is more important