Yellow weather warnings in place after dozens of care home residents were rescued from flooding across northern England.
Nationwide we've seen an average of 202.1mm of rainfall – smashing the previous record set 30 years ago.
The Met Office said that a period of high pressure was expected to come in over the weekend, bringing a dry end to the year for many.
There are 80 flood warnings still in place across the UK, forcing homeowners to prepare for the possibility of damage over the festive season.
PM said "I understand how they feel" when asked how he personally felt when a resident of an affected area told him his visit was not wanted.
Police have named the woman as Annie Hall, the former high sheriff of Derbyshire.
More than 1,100 military personnel have been deployed to the regions of Murcia and Valencia
The UK has seen heavy rainfall across the country, with rivers breaking their banks and homes being flooded. The Royal Air Force were called in to help a town in Lincolnshire which was affected by a burst river bank. The Met Office had issued yellow and amber warnings for different parts of the country.
It was the message we'd been waiting for. There'd been talk of Flood - one of the few contemporary producers for whom the word "legendary" isn't an exaggeration - taking on the new Fink album for some months, but it was a cold February afternoon when my phone finally beeped with the confirmation.