food banks

"The Conservative Party don’t want people with views, experience or opinions of their own," Richard Walker concluded.
The veterans minister said it's "not correct" that people use them because they have no other choice.
The panel were asked if it was "right" for two working adults with two kids to have to use food banks.
"Your fingerprints are all over this economy, aren't they?"
“I would never criticise nurses for something like that," the levelling up secretary said.
The Conservative MP said nurses on £30k using food banks had “something wrong” with their finances.
Gillian Keegan spoke out as she was grilled on whether nurses deserve a pay rise.
“Why are we not trusting parents in poverty to be able to access formula safely for their children?"
Rationing nappies, cutting the feet off baby grows – how some parents are getting by as the cost of living crisis deepens.
Lee Anderson claimed he experienced backlash "because I'm talking common sense".