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British consulates abroad are being inundated with bizarre and exasperating requests for trivial travel tips such as where
A young seaman has been found dead in Hong Kong, the Foreign Office has confirmed. Andrew Macleod, from Newmarket near Stornoway
An elderly British couple have been swept to their deaths in a flash flood while holidaying in Spain. The pair, understood
Two Britons were among eight people killed in a plane crash in Botswana, the Foreign Office has confirmed. A British pilot
Two Britons are being held by police in Kenya after being arrested near the border with Somalia. The pair are believed to
Britain has the "resources and resolve" to succeed in Afghanistan, the Government has insisted after 10 years of war in the
A British tourist has been murdered and his wife kidnapped while on holiday in Kenya. The Foreign Office in London confirmed
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- The Foreign Office has warned Britons in the United States to remain vigilant amid fears that terrorists
Parts of the border between Algeria and Libya have reportedly been closed after Muammar Gaddafi's closest family members
The Foreign Office wasted tens of thousands of pounds sending civil servants to learn how to play African drums during the