A friend recently asked me if he should buy a 3DS, and for the first time I had to think before recommending a Nintendo console.
Well it all just hit us all now! Nintendo's much-anticipated 3DS Conference just come to a conclusion. It was closed to foreign
I know this is a game that many claim to be addicted to, but I wasn't. Addiction isn't the word. Oxycotton is addictive; World of Warcraft is more obsessive than anything else.
We found ourselves with no broadband when we moved home a couple of years back. The house is part of an old farm, on the edge of reasonable sized village, but at the end of a fairly desolate track. BT's fibre plans were in the offing for the wider area, but there was no real detail.
On Wednesday 31st I had a chance to find out if I was by attending ...when darkness descended an event held by PlayStation to promote Resistance 3.
For today's blog, as this is a new section and some of you might not be gamers, or understand the terminology used by tech and games journalists when they're talking about games, I thought I'd write an irreverent guide to some of the words and phrases you're likely to see to describe certain genres of games.
Kinect has been pushed as the next big thing in games from the very top of Microsoft, with CEO Steve Ballmer himself saying the device makes Xbox 360 more than a games console.
Using the scientific measure of 'things we like', we have combed through the mass of start-ups in London and the UK to come
The good, the great and the greatly unnecessary are on show this week at IFA, the world's largest consumer electronics show
PRESS ASSOCIATION -- Kristen Stewart has sparked rumours she'll be cast in the film adaptation of video game Resistance. The
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