Whether you want the latest updates, scores, or just have some fun with tennis games, these six apps are must-haves you should get on your phone.
The Pokemon Company has announced Pokemon Sleep, a new app in development which promises to “turn sleeping into entertainment”. The app will track a user’s sleeping patterns and use them to influence gameplay, building on the work of walking-based Pokemon Go. Pokemon Sleep will be available in 2020.
He also says social media is more addictive than drugs and alcohol.
Chen San-yuan, otherwise known as “Pokémon Grandpa”, was introduced to the “Pokémon Go” by his grandson. He now plays with 15 phones attached to his bike.
Video games generate £5bn for the economy and 50,000 jobs - but a no-deal Brexit threatens to destroy all that for no gain
An ex gaming addict designed the device with his long-suffering dad.
Imagine if Glastonbury filled the whole of the UK and you got to race around it?
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