gary lineker

The Match Of The Day host accused Richard of “misrepresenting his words” during an interview on Good Morning Britain.
Donations pour in as Gary Lineker tweets: "Why would you ever do something like that?"
“I wasn’t prepared to back down on that, especially as I felt and still feel that what I tweeted was fair and true," the presenter said.
The presenter insisted all taxes were paid on the income via a partnership set up in 2012 with his ex-wife Danielle Bux.
The Match Of The Day presenter admitted he is still “bewildered” by the “disproportionate” response to the tweet that sparked the BBC impartiality row.
Many viewers voiced the opinion BBC News should have “focused more on the Illegal Migration Bill and criticism it has received” than Lineker's views on it.
The former prime minister published his 52-page "defence dossier" about the partygate scandal on Tuesday.
"All corporations have moments when things don’t go well... Everyone moves on,” the breakfast show host said.
"It’s good to get back to some sort of normality and be talking about football again," said Alan Shearer, who'd previously walked out in solidarity.