Gender inequality

It's become a tidy way of legitimising the exclusion of women from certain career-enhancing opportunities, journalist Josie Cox writes.
The first week of the campaign saw "gender inequality across all coverage", researchers found, despite many parties being led by women.
At the height of #MeToo movement, the message of a US training seminar was "fix the women."
Adverts are the wallpaper of our society so it’s only appropriate regulation prevents them from reflecting a world where gender inequalities are inevitable, The Fawcett Society's Ella Smillie writes.
Starting at midnight on June 13, women in Switzerland began a series of demonstrations to protest gender-based workplace inequality. According to a World Economic Forum report, Switzerland ranks 44th for wage equality in a 2018 study of 149 countries. Despite enacting gender equality laws in 1991, Swiss women still earn on average 20% less than their male counterparts.
Country music icon, Dolly Parton, attended the West End opening of “9 to 5 the Musical”, based on her 1980 film. Parton played one of three women who worked for a sexist, egotistical boss in an office where women weren't given the same opportunities as men. Parton hoped the show would "shine a light" on gender inequality issues today.
It’s time to take control, and enable ourselves and each other