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Forty-six years after she was killed, the first person to be charged over her death will appear in court.
'Leadership means knowing when it is time for change.'
Gerry Adams will be standing down as Sinn Fein president next year after more than three decades at the helm of the party
So now B-day has come - and yes, I am naming it as such phonetically, after the French contraption that blows water up one's arse. Here's my prediction for what will happen...
'The North needs a special designated status within the EU.'
Taking Northern Ireland out of the EU will ‚Äúdestroy‚ÄĚ the Good Friday Agreement peace deal, Gerry Adams¬†has said. He claimed
A former aide to Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams has been given a key post in Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership team, Labour sources
He said his tweets were 'ironic' and misunderstood.