ginger hair

Calling all red-headed men, if you’re proud of your manhood, it could star in a new calendar celebrating all things ginger
They also rarely go grey.
Are you ginger-haired and having a lot of sex lately? Send a thank-you card to Ed Sheeran. According to a small study, ginger
'She told me my hair would clash with the wedding colours.'
We've all heard stories of brides dressing their bridesmaids in unflattering shades of peach in order to make themselves
Prepare to swoon at this new photo series.
Following the success of his first photography project, Red Hot, British photographer Thomas Knights has once again captured
Red hair looks set to be the hottest beauty trend of the season, and we've just seen the most beautiful way to wear it. Introducing
The colour red connotes danger, passion and power, so this could be where the bad-tempered stereotype comes from. Some redheads choose to own this passionate reputation, while the rest of us couldn't care less about it.