Christopher Boon, 28, to appear before magistrates.
'Cordons will remain in place at locations linked to the investigation'.
The 29-year-old later ended his life in a euthanasia clinic.
The father of man who was left almost completely paralysed after an acid attack has told a court how his son spelled out
The moment serial killer Rose West’s nephew approached a 12-year-old girl he later kidnapped and raped has emerged on CCTV
What do you get if you mix the best wrestling talent from the UK with the top stars from Japan? This October 4th, fans visiting
Anything that makes a referee's job that little bit easier should be welcomed. And for an official, having a decision overturned is surely eminently preferable to having their performance torn apart in the days following a match.
A man has been arrested after a mosque was set on fire in Gloucester. The fire service was called to the scene in Ryecroft
Police seized a flock of sheep after the owners continually let them roam free. A shepherd and two sheepdogs were called
Police are seeking a furious punter who punched a woman cashier in the face after losing a bet. The gambler flipped when
Two people have been arrested on suspicion of assault after a man's body was found washed up on a beach. A member of the
Britain's obesity problem has hit a new low after it was revealed that super-sized mortuary slabs are being designed to carry
Mothers of Gloucester might want to lock up their sons as the countryside town has been voted the ‘cougar capital’ of the