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Tomahawk Steakhouse has faced criticism for asking employees to help cover pension and national insurance contributions.
Fraudulent drivers had uploaded their photos to other people's accounts, potentially putting passengers' safety at risk.
The retail giant's profits have been on the up, while its contributions have been getting lower.
Theresa May has promised a £20 billion budget boost for the health service.
2017 has been a turbulent year to be an Uber driver - from fighting for their rights to authorities removing the companies
The company is continuing to drive itself down a cul-de-sac. It's about time it got it's bearings and focused it's efforts on obeying the rules, changing its ways, and really making things right for drivers and the public.
Anyone with an interest in the future of the UK economy needs to be aware of the potential consequences of the Government's
Today is a big deal for gig economy workers and professional drivers across London - and it's making a splash on the global stage too. Transport for London has told Uber that it is "not fit and proper to hold a private hire operator licence". TfL has warned of the potential public safety and security implications of the company's behaviour.